Frequently asked questions

Won’t the images just go by in a blur?

Yes…if they’re simply painted or postered on the tunnel wall! However, several technologies have been developed that can create the necessary animated-motion effect.

Details about the one I will use will be posted on this site as the project progresses.

Can I ride the C-Train horses?

Only in your imagination. But this shouldn’t be a problem – based on your question, you appear to have a very good one.  ;-)

How can I help?

Firstly: thanks for asking!

At this stage, your written support for the project would help greatly in my presentations to various stakeholders. So if you like the idea of the artwork, please send me a note saying so!

And since this is a public art project for all Calgarians and visitors, I’d like its development to be as public as possible, too…so feel free to share this website with family, friends, and colleagues!

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